Normal Lives

Stephen Powell was enjoying the drama and cruelty of what he was doing and the mental torture he knew he was causing others. He was a bitter, disturbed, and dangerous man who had found a novel way of extorting money from the families of missing teenagers.

Semiretired MI6 officer Andrew Ball gets involved when Mandy Gray introduces him to the parents of a missing boy whose body has just been found in a grave near Southampton.

Ball discovers identical killings.....

Risks and Rewards

An Englishman dies in a car bomb explosion in Holland, a professional assassination with no chance that the killers will be caught. The Dutch investigators cannot find a motive for the killing of Simon Craig and pass the files to the British police.

Newly promoted Chief Inspector Randall is given the task of investigating Simon Craig’s background, family, and friends. He quickly discovers that Craig was a conceited and ruthless womanizer living a multidimensional life and making himself very rich.....

Much More Than a Game: An Andrew Ball Novel

Andrew Ball returns in a multidimensional thriller set in today’s turbulent world.

When England’s cricket captain is attacked and injured, Ian Thorne is promoted to lead the team on their tour of India. But life gets complicated for Thorne when his ex-wife disappears and a Sunday newspaper exposes him for conspiring to organise betting scams.

Cricket lover Andrew Ball can’t save an old friend from dying on the streets of Florence when he helps an ex-cabinet minister infiltrate an Italian.....

The Musandam Mystery

In The Musandam Mystery, Andrew Ball returns to search for British children missing for more than forty years.

While Ball struggles to make sense of new evidence that the children were taken to the Soviet Union, Anton Adamovich ruthlessly deals with skeletons in the closet as he vies to become Russia’s next president.

In New York, psychologist Miles Wallace disappears after boasting about experimental work he had done for the Politburo when he was a young professor in Minsk.